Definitely a favourite from my recent clothing hauls, is this amazing semi-sheer oversized black tshirt/dress (the Recurrant B top) from Bench. It’s hard to tell in these edits but this piece is actually an extremely lightweight almost knit-like top that’s semi-sheer. I’ve been loving pairing this with my Levis denim cutoff shorts and just a bralette underneath. I love how you can see the bralette peeking through a tiny bit, giving the outfit a little bit of an edge.  I also… View Post

One of my favourite discoveries from my day trip to Victoria a few weeks ago was this amazing little alley in the heart of their Chinatown. I don’t know if it has a name or not but I’m just gunna call it the Heart’s Content alley (or HC for short) because there’s a cute little sign (which I’m pretty sure is actually for the shop but whatever) right at the start of the alley that says “this way for your… View Post

Yall know I can’t resist a good DARK outfit. Even in the middle of summer I couldn’t resist this outfit. And noooo it’s not an all black outfit. I know it’s hard to tell but I swear my dress and my nails are a dark wine/burgundy :3 I recently got this lovely shirt dress from Bench and it’s quickly becoming a key piece in my wardrobe. I’m wearing it here as a light summer jacket over a simple slip dress. But once… View Post

So I wanted to share with you guys a website that I am currently doing a summer clothing collaboration with! The website is called Rose Wholesale and it’s an online clothing/accessories retailer that sells SUPER affordable pieces. As I’ve mentioned before, I like finding these kinds of sites to buy fashionable/trendy pieces from because I am not one who likes dropping hundreds of dollars on items that will only be ‘stylish’ for one season (nor can I afford to!). So… View Post

Y’all have no idea how excited I am to be doing my first blog GIVEAWAY! And with none other than the amazing hair care brand Kerastase! Kerastase has these amazing 3 step collections/rituals that help Bathe, Treat, and Texturize your hair. And the best part, they actually have multiple DIFFERENT rituals depending on your hair type and what your hair needs! They developed this diagnostic tool to help their customers find out exactly what products their hair needs in order… View Post

This summer I really tried to get more in-tune with my girly side and wear more skirts! I tend to mostly stick with wearing pants and shorts but something clicked in me recently and I want to be more girly! My ultimate style goal is to be a mixture of badass-casual like HeyClaire and sophisticated-girly like Serena Vanderwoodsen (yes I understand that she is a TV show character. Doesn’t mean she can’t be a style icon). I’m definitely still trying… View Post