I’ve been wanting to try out some off the shoulder tops and I think this striped and flowy one from Zaful was the perfect one to get me into this trend. I’ve been trying out a bunch and I realized that with these tops it’s best if the sleeves/arm holes aren’t completely connected to the center part of the shirt where your torso would go. It’s kind of hard to explain, but one of my favourite features of this shirt… View Post

I’ve got to say overall I really do love my overalls. I was quite unsure about whether or not I should buy these for the longest time. They’re definitely pricey for what they are. But I tried a lot of different overalls from a lot of different stores and none of them were as comfortable and well fitted as these Aritzia Wilfred Free ones.  I love the drawstring in this especially, since it allows you to cinch in your waist… View Post

While trying to figure out what I should name this post/write about, I kind of noticed that I was wearing a lot of the items that I have been glued to lately. Actually, it seems like I’ve really just thrown together a bunch of things that I’ve been loving and called it an outfit… so VOILA! Here are my current favourites, OOTD style! So let’s start from top to bottom (or head to toe if you will).  1. My HAIR.… View Post

Oh man, these classic Tevas sandals remind me SO much of my childhood. Which is a huge reason why I had to add these to my shoe collection. The flip-flop styled sole and the easy velcro straps… I lived in sandals like this when I was a kid. These definitely brought back some cute memories for me, not to mention they’re actually super cute! I picked the all white pair because I knew they would be super easy to pair… View Post

One of my favourite items from the Peace Collective line right now are their bombers. They actually have 2 or 3 different styles of bombers. They have their Canadian Built Quilted bomber, a Home is Toronto one, and my favourite, the silky looking Home is Canada Varsity bomber.  I actually wasn’t sure I’d like this jacket until I saw and touched it in real life. The jacket is actually amazing quality; thick, warm, and SILKY. I think that’s one of… View Post

I started collaborating with this amazing brand called Peace Collective a month or two back and oh man I’m in love. They are a Toronto based brand that not only sells cute ass clothes but also serves a greater purpose. They work with a lot of different influencers and content creators around Canada and strive to bring communities together in either empowering each other or for a greater cause. They also give $4 of the profit from selected garments to… View Post